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Introducing, eConnex, an eCommerce app to alleviate the complexities of filing sales tax returns from Shopify

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TaxConnex is excited to announce that we have launched a new app for Shopify users to easily pull data out of Shopify for a better returns filing process. The new app, eConnex, gives Shopify users a simple way to get their sales tax data out of Shopify and upload it into TaxConnex's Client Connexion for easy returns filing.

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As an outsourced sales tax department for businesses with a sales tax obligation, TaxConnex removes the burden of sales and use tax returns filing by completely managing it for their clients. Partnered with a dedicated practitioner, clients provide their sales tax information to TaxConnex, and TaxConnex manages the complete process of filing returns, paying the taxing jurisdictions, responding to potential notices, and answering clients' questions along the way. eConnex allows Shopify users a better option to pull the sales tax data out of Shopify and file and remit exactly the sales tax charged to the customer in their shopping cart check-out experience. 

"Shopify does a lot to alleviate the burdens of sales tax, even calculating the sales tax, but it doesn't file sales tax returns," explained Brian Greer, Partner and CRO at TaxConnex. "We found that Shopify users were faced with a decision to manage the filing process on their own or work with plug-ins that take the orders out of Shopify, recalculate the sales tax due and file the recalculated sales tax resulting in reconciliation issues between what was charged and collected and what the plug-in calculates and files. We wanted to provide a better solution, one that takes data straight out of Shopify and incorporates it into our already proven sales tax compliance outsourcing process."

To learn more about eConnex and TaxConnex's sales and use tax consulting and compliance outsourcing services, visit: https://www.taxconnex.com/econnex

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