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Privacy Policy

Finopulse is only a financial information service and not an agent, provider, broker, representative, advisor, bank, or another lending financial institution. Finopulse will not be responsible for any financial decisions and payments you make with individuals or organizations mentioned on our site. Our services are provided for informational purposes only, it cannot be constituted as legal professional advice and cannot be accessed in certain locations by all individuals. We also don’t charge or endorse any of our services.

why we collect your personal information?

Collecting your personal information is standard practice for any website. Finopulse is committed to protecting your personal information, kindly read our privacy policy to know the security measures and practices taken up by us to honor and safeguard the information you submit with us.

Finopulse, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners function as per the rules imposed by federal law. Our mission is to make you understand the nuances of investing your funds and to help you make well-informed decisions. We suggest you go through our privacy policy to recognize why we collect your personal information and know your rights to regulate how we use such information.

Who Should Access Our Website?

Finopulse is intended to be used only by individuals who are 16 years of age or older and by anyone else to the extent of applicable law.

Minors, ages 16-18 should get legal consent from their parents/ guardians
Anyone below the age of 16 should abstain from using the website(s)
Residents of California under the age of 16 may have additional rights on the use and sale of their personal information collected on the website(s)

Kindly contact us if you believe we may have collected any personal information otherwise to help us remove such information immediately.

Optional Information

Optional information is information you may choose not to disclose to prevent them from being posted along with your profile when you participate in financial conventions or discussions through our website.

Optional information generally comprises sensitive data apart from your name and contact information, such as your address, place of work, and daily routines, leading viewers to identify you personally. Kindly avoid providing us with sensitive data if you are not available publicly.

Users can block cookies, disable local shares, remove ad preferences, and unsubscribe from our mailing list at their discretion. But it is necessary to note that:

  • You will still view relevant or irrelevant advertisements after opting out of our personalized advertising options.
  • You can prevent the use of cookies by updating your settings appropriately which may prevent you from accessing certain features on our site.
  • Unsubscribing from our mailing list will not cease you from receiving important emails.
  • Web beacons cannot access your personal information for improving the website.
How We Use Your Personal Information?

Finopusle and its third parties employ cookies, web beacons, log files, and other technologies to know your interests, recommend personalized information concerning your recent searches, to identify and prevent illegal activities. We also collect these data to comply with legal requirements, law enforcement, and our company policies.

You can subscribe to our newsletters to keep track of promotions from third parties, financial updates, and communicate or participate in events, conventions, etc.

What Information Is Collected?

We may collect, store, monitor your mobile device type, operating system, location, and advertising ID as authorized by your device. Impairing or disabling data identifiers can cause website malfunction.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are files stored on your device by our site to help you start from where you left and to provide relevant information at times. Finopulse generally uses strictly necessary cookies, analytical/performance cookies, functionality cookies, and targeting cookies. By accepting our cookies, you consent to share your personal information such as browser information, IP address, data usage, and other web-related activities.

Do Not Track Signals

We collect data to compile reports on our clientele based on several factors such as age, gender, geolocation, and other grouping categories to identify their requirements and to promote our business. Similar to numerous standardized websites, Finopulse and its affiliates are not designed to respond to “do not track” signals from browsers.

Interactions Through Our Website

Your interactions through our website are also monitored by us or third-party apps, tools, plug-ins, and widgets identical to IG’s heart button to identify user trends, formulate strategies based on traffic reports, and perform data analytics to enhance our services.

We May Share Your Information With

The personal information collected from you can be shared with your consent or at your discretion:

  • With our affiliates for internal purposes
  • Third-party advertisers, you choose to interact with
  • We shall share any personal information collected from you when there arises a need to comply with any law, legal process, court order, judicial proceeding served on Finopulse.com or on brands, subsidiaries, affiliates, or users in good faith to prevent violation of policy or terms of use and any bodily harm.
  • In the event of selling our website partly or wholly. In that case, we may provide you with a reasonable notice period.

We have no control over the information submitted by you with third parties and you must be aware.

Security Measures

We practice several administrative and technical security measures such as encryption, high-tech firewalls, and data protectors that can prevent unauthorized access, unlawful usage of data, or accidental disclosure. We have also implemented several security protocols to prevent employees from accessing or selling your data illegally.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Rights

CCPA applies only to the residents of California. We do not intentionally sell your information and share your information with third-party cookies, and tracking does not constitute a sale as per law.

Under the CCPA, this is your ‘Right to Know’, ‘Right to Request Deletion’, ‘Right to Opt-Out of Sale’, and ‘Right to be Free from Discrimination’. To make a verifiable consumer request according to the CCPA, please send an email to [email protected] or fill out the request form here.

A verifiable CCPA request should be submitted by or confirmed by the email address associated with the personal information in question. Finopulse shall be contacted by an authorized representative on behalf of the Californian consumer to submit a request under CCPA and must carbon copy (CC) the said email address along. You needn’t send us a request more than twice in 12 months. We will comply or respond with an explanation if we are unable to comply with the request.

Finopulse does not charge its clientele for any of its services but a nominal amount may be charged for if the CCPA request is particularly burdensome or repetitive.

Advertising Policy

Advertisers are requested to comply with FTC and other guidelines provided by the applicable law to be eligible for being advertised on our website. Finopulse’s editorial and advertising content are unquestionably distinguishable from one another.

Any sponsored editorial content will be relevantly titled and marked as ‘Ad’, ‘Advertisement’, or ‘Sponsored’ for user convenience.

Privacy Policy Updates

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting revisions at appropriate places. Such changes will be effective upon posting. Kindly check our policy statement periodically because your continued usage after a policy change will be deemed as an acceptance of the new policy.

Finopulse can be inaccessible in certain locations or by certain individuals as per law, kindly cooperate with us or let us know if you face any difficulties by contacting us at [email protected]