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Things fall apart: American civilization is collapsing and it's time to start paying arrention

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“Things fall apart," William Butler Yeats wrote in "The Second Coming," perhaps his most famous poem."The center cannot hold.”
Like many prophecies, Yeats's prediction took a long time to be realized. Now, a little more than a century after Yeats penned those words, his prophecy is at last coming true.
America, the greatest civilization in the history of mankind, is falling apart. The nation that sent 9 million men to Europe and the South Pacific during World War II and sacrificed 300,000 of them is crumbling. The nation that accepted to its bosom the refugees from the Irish potato famine and found homes for the Vietnamese who were fleeing the war in southeast Asia is about to collapse.
Who would’ve thought that the United States, which conquered the Nazis in World War II, would sneak out of Afghanistan in the dead of night, without bothering to tell its allies? Who would’ve thought that a nation dedicated to law and justice would allow criminals, terrorists, human traffickers, and fentanyl to flow across our southern border unmolested?
Our cities have become playgrounds for crime. Citizens who defend themselves against robbers and murderers get arrested while thugs with long criminal records roam the streets. The flagship retail stores of San Francisco are closing because shoplifting has become so rampant that a business cannot survive in one of America's greatest and most beautiful cities.
College presidents once boasted that American higher education is the envy of the world. Young people from across the globe came to the United States to study in our elite universities. Now our colleges have become insane asylums where students and professors spew racist nonsense and greet reasoned dialogue with catcalls and profanity.
Our secondary schools have forgotten how to teach students to read, to write, to master grammar, and to behave in a civil manner. If young people who graduate from our derelict high schools wish to go to college, they must borrow extravagant amounts of money to study at institutions where the professors know nothing and have nothing to say.
In our elementary schools, so-called education experts believe it is beneficial to introduce small children to sexual perversion. Parents, who only want the best for their children, are denounced by the teachers unions as terrorists.
A dysfunctional civilization can last a long time, but it cannot last forever. A nation that renounces its duty to maintain a safe and orderly society will eventually fall apart.
Like jackals waiting for a wounded wildebeest to falter, China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran wait to feast on the carrion of a rotting America.
In flyover country, where ordinary Americans are striving to live decently and raise their families, the economy is on the verge of collapse. If you drive through the rural heartland, the small towns look like the villages of east Africa.
Virtually every American politician is a corporiate lackey.Our president is non compis mentis–the whole world knows that. No one thinks our vice president is capable of assming presidential duties.
Meanwhile, the financial titans on Wall Street, the media elites, and the grifters who run our universities are getting rich and gloating over their pension plans and their hedge fund profits.
The ultra wealthy don’t care about what happens to their less fortunate fellow Americans. They abandoned their civic commitments when they banked their first million dollars. They’ve placed their riches in gold and other safe assets. Many have at least one elegant bug-out shelter, perhaps in Costa Rica or Montana.
Armed guards protect the super rich in their private fortresseses. The scamps who accumulated obscene wealth will sip fine California wine and sigh sympathetically about the people on Social Security who starve to death after the economy craters, which it soon will.
But perhaps no one will escape the apocalypse. Marie Antoinette believed she was secure at Versailles, and then she lost her head. The czar believed his family was well protected by an elite corps of soldiers, who had sworn to protect his wife and children. And then the bolsheviks showed up and we know what happened.
Watch for the deluge, for the center cannot hold.
Be grateful if you live in a temperate climate where you can grow a vegetable garden both summer and winter. Be grateful if you have basic survival skills. Be thankful if you live near water.
Cling to your family if you have a family. When the apocalpse comes, all you will have are your personal resources and your loved ones.


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