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Amex Increases Referral Bonus Annual Limit from 55K to 100K (YMMV)

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Amex Increases Referral Bonus Annual Limit

Amex Increases Referral Bonus Annual Limit from 55K to 100K

Update: More people are now targeted for this increased cap on referrals. The notification showed up in my Amex Platinum Card account:

You can also try entering your card information here to see if you are eligible. Or log in first, and then follow the link.

American Express has increased the maximum you can earn annually through referrals. The limit has been, and still is for most cards, 55,000 Membership Rewards points per year. But on some cards that limit has been raised to 100,000 points.

American Express has emailed some cardholders to let them know about this change, but I didn’t receive an email and I see the limit increased on my Amex Gold card.

American Express is sending some people an email about a change whereby the maximum amount of points one can earn for referring friends to an American Express card is 100,000 points instead of the prior 55,000 annual limit.

This is the text in the email:

Your referral bonus annual limit has been increased from 55,000 Membership Rewards® points to 100,000 Membership Rewards® points per calendar year. This means you can refer more friends each year and continue to earn points for eligible referrals, up to 100,000 points per calendar year. Terms apply.

A similar note is showing on the referral page for those wo are eligible. You can also check the referral page for your credit card here, to see if your limit has been increased. If you are not familiar with Amex referrals, check out all the details about how they work.

Guru’s Wrap-up

For now I only see this limit increased in one of my cards. I’m not sure if this will be the new limit for everyone soon, or it’s just a targeted, limited time promotion.



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