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Amex Officially Launches Apply With Confidence Feature

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Find Out if You Are Approved for an Amex Personal Card Before Impacting Your Credit Score

Update (Jun 19, 2024) – This feature now applies to American business credit cards as well. (HT: DoC and Cardright)

Original article (Nov 21, 2022) – American Express is piloting a new application experience for its U.S. Personal Cards to help consumers apply with confidence, especially those who are unsure if they’ll qualify for a Card. During the application process, select applicants can find out if they are approved without impacting their credit score. If the applicant receives an approval and chooses to accept the Card, only then might their credit score be impacted.

The new application experience is currently available for individuals applying for a U.S. Personal Card at AmericanExpress.com/us/credit-cards, or by calling American Express and is not available if they apply for a Card after they log into an existing Card Member Account.

Here is how it works:

  • Consumers who are interested in applying for a U.S. Personal American Express Card can visit AmericanExpress.com/us/credit-card to see Card offers.
  • Upon applying for a chosen Card, a soft inquiry will be made on an applicant’s credit report and applicants will be told with 100% certainty if they are approved – without any impact to their credit score.
  • If the approved applicant then accepts the Card, a hard inquiry will be made on their credit report, which may impact their credit score. 

This experience is currently only available for US Personal Cards. In the future, prospective Card Members will be able to access this new application experience through co-brand partners’ websites as well. In the future, this application experience will also be made available to current Card Members who are applying for another personal Card.

This new application experience is also available within Pre-Qualification journeys. This means that, after a consumer submits their form to check for offers, they will be able to then apply for the Card of their choosing with no impact to credit score unless they are approved and choose to accept the Card.

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