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Animal Spirits: The High Beta Crash

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We discuss:

  • Why don’t the stock and bond markets care about inflation yet?
  • Corporations are using inflation as an excuse to raise prices and keep margins high
  • Some context around rising gas prices
  • The funny math behind Shadow Stats inflation numbers
  • Why crypto is so exciting to young people
  • Bigger troll: Ken Griffin or Elon Musk?
  • Why are so many growth stocks getting crushed?
  • Some thoughts on the metaverse
  • Buying your car lease could be a great deal right now
  • Have supply chain problems peaked?
  • How to deal with a small position that gets too big

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Stories mentioned:

  • No, the real inflation rate is not 15%
  • Tokenize absolutely everything
  • Citadel CEO Ken Griffin outbids crypto investors for a copy of the U.S. constitution
  • JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon and Tesla’s Elon Mush secretly feud behind the scenes
  • Why value died
  • Zillow’s home sales fatten inventory for Wall Street landlords
  • What went wrong w/Zillow?
  • Deere climbs from end of monthlong strike
  • Leased a car? You could get a great deal on it
  • Supply chain problems show signs of easing
  • The Athletic searches for new subscribers

Podcast mentioned:

  • Plain English with Derek Thompson

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