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Joe Biden Needs to Switch to Decaf

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If you watched President Biden's State of the Union message and the post-speech commentary, you may be confused. Some pundits described Biden's speech as “fiery, direct [and] sensible,” while critics called it "an hour-long, mumbling rant.”

As it turns out, the White House prepared two versions of President Biden's speech. One version was for people watching MSNBC, and the other was for Fox viewers. I saw both versions and confess that Biden's state-of-the-union message left me with questions.

First, why does our government provide Israel with weapons, ammunition, and technical support to help it destroy the Hamas infrastructure in Gaza while promising to improve Gaza's infrastructure with a new port? Whose side are we on?

Second, why does the United States keep sending high-tech weapons and ammunition to Ukraine now that it is clear that the Russians have defeated the Ukrainians? Does Biden see some value in killing young Russians and Ukrainians and turning millions of Ukrainians into refugees? I don't get it.

Finally, Biden didn't convince me that the Republicans caused the crisis at our nation's southern border. No sane observer believes Biden has done a good job stopping illegal immigration. No one believes Biden is doing his best to halt the flow of fentanyl into the United States.

Not everyone saw President Biden's speech as unhinged and mendacious. Leftist Democrats in the House chamber cheered Biden on like hysterical schoolgirls screaming at an Elvis concert.

At the end of the evening, I came away with just one firm conclusion. President Biden needs to switch the decaf. As for Biden's adoring congressional fans, I encourage them to have "fun, fun, fun ‘til daddy takes the T bird away." And we all know who Daddy is.

Biden's State of Union speech. Senator Elizabeth Warren pictured at the center of the photo.

Credit: Tampa Bay Times
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