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Niches That Bring Your Riches: Absentee Owners

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By Tamera Aragon

An absentee owner is an owner that does not live in/on their property; most absentee owners utilize the services of property management companies to take care of their properties for rent.

These types of owners, can turn out to motivated sellers and are the most obvious. A lot of the time, they are also the most overlooked motivated sellers on the planet.

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Why this is a good niche to consider?

  • It is an untapped market.
  • Most investors don’t realize the impact that marketing to this group of prospects can have on your real estate business.
  • Most investors don’t know how to market effectively to absentee owners, focusing on their hot buttons.
  • The paperwork is simpler
  • All you need is a contract.

What are downsides of this niche?

  • Absentee Owners can sometimes be hard to find
  • You don’t know how motivated they are when you market to them. You could be marketing to someone who is not motivated to sell at all.

Good market conditions.

  • When there is a mid to high rental vacancy rates.
  • When the rental rates are low.
  • When Interest rates are high.
  • In a flat or steady market.

Bad market conditions.

  • When there are low rental vacancy rates.
  • When the rental rates are high.

Steps to do this Niche.

  • Get a list of Landlords from recommended sources below
  • Sort the list taking removing the following:
    *Duplicates & corporations
    *Square footage over 900
    *Anyone who has owned their property less than 10 years.
  • Use direct mail postcards to inexpensively contact them.
  • Sellers will call your 24 hour hotline to listen to a 2-3 minute message.
  • Only the most interested ones you will call back and run comps
  • If owner is motivated then set time to see property and meet owner.
  • Negotiate at no higher than 65% of market value.
  • Sign contract.

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Where to find leads.

Tamera Aragon

Tamera Aragon is a professional online entrepreneur and has bought and sold over 300 properties, establishing her as an expert in the real estate investing field. Since 2003, she has purchased over 10 million dollars in real estate and currently holds properties all over the world. Tamera’s focus is on the booming Foreclosure market, buying Pre-foreclosures, REOs and Short Sales. Tamera who is a noted Author, Success Trainer, Speaker & Coach, shows her passion for helping others with the 17 websites she has created and several specialized products to support fellow investors throughout the world. When Tamara is not busy running her website, she is very involved with her Fiji joint ventures and investments. Tamera Aragon is one of the few trainers and coaches who is really “doing it” successfully in today’s market. Tamera’s experience has earned her a solid reputation in the industry as well as the respect and friendship of many of the top national real estate investment and internet marketing experts. Tamera Aragon believes her success has garnered her the financial freedom to fully enjoy her marriage and spend quality time with her children.

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